Bringing 25 years of FBI Experience to Private Investigations

AMRIC Associates of Florida

Federal agents Jack McEligot and Les Amann founded AMRIC Associates in 1994 after careers in various criminal investigative areas of the FBI. From the murder of Civil Rights workers in Mississippi to Organized Crime in Detroit to international drug smuggling at the U.S.-Canadian border, their training and practical application resulted in successful prosecutions of those and many other cases. Those tried and true FBI principles are put to use today in the private investigative field to achieve successful results for clients in the areas of family law, civil actions, criminal defense and sensitive corporate issues.

The Florida office of AMRIC is staffed by Jack McEligot, Former Daytona Beach PD Lieutenant Stan Grayson and former Department of Corrections Lieutenant Jeff Finn. AMRIC investigators are hired based on their years of experience, superior investigative skills, and their ability to interact with people and produce accurate reports.

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